We are NuArtillery

Creating Interactive New media

Advertising 3.0 … We have no desire to just offer you solutions for new media. We want to deliver new media solutions to the industry.


The perfect marriage of form and function in tandem with a number of other disciplines and skill sets that make for good web design.

Mobile first policy has been adopted and adapted by many. Assuredly, mobile devices have changed the way we interact with our world.

Likes, Follows, shares; the art of acquiring your demographic’s attention and turning it into value, monetary or otherwise, through the use of social media channels.

The process of problem-solving through the correct use of typography, space, image and colour to translate them into moods, messages, concepts, ideas that speak to specific demographics.

Negotiating and managing the placements for advertising. Targeting the desired audience in the most efficient and cost effective way possible

Where the science of photon capture meets innovation and Art Direction. Beyond capturing light, but capturing the story and the essence of the moment in a singular frame.

The art of storytelling utilizing a sequence of sound and moving images.

The illusion of motion with a rapid display of static images with subtle differences. Using technology to bring life to what does not exist.

Do you love OUR WORK?


They are always able to take our thoughts and ideas and bring them to life. They always knows exactly what is it we need, even when we sometimes dont!

Mika Ella TangHotshots_tt Co-Founder

WIRE BEND… To pull it off I needed a brilliant team that could produce excellence within the time and budget constraints. They assembled the team and delivered the animation that made the theatrical experience magical…

Rubadiri VictorFounder/Director

Results! I need good Marketing and Excellent Advertising. I get that from these guys

Nicholas PeñaDisk Jockey

NuArtillery has been an integral part of my business for some time now. I trust them with my business’s success!

Anya EliasOwner/Manager of Wet Swimwear


NuArtillery is a New Media Agency. We provide interactive communication, and marketing solutions to people seeking to get the attention of a specific demographic, but more pertinently we distinctively aim to create and revolutionize Advertising 3.0 i.e. We have no desire to just offer you solutions for new media but want to collaborate with our clients to deliver new media solutions to the industry.

We love what we do and Passion is the driving force behind behind our successfully managed projects

Innovation stands at the company’s heart and distinguishes us from the follower.

We have a diverse cross-section of skills. Synergy occurs when the power of three, equals a hundred

To autonomously manage our clients needs with honesty and competence. Success doesn’t count unless its fair and square


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